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Elizabeth Bress

August 20, 2012
Sending Out An SOS Founder

Elizabeth Bress is a graduate of Business Administration and English with a Masters in Marketing. In 2008, Bress was presented with the opportunity to join SOS Medical as a managing partner along with Jeffrey Vonder Haar (CEO). As a Managing Partner, Bress is responsible for overseeing new business/product development. SOS Medical ( is a very successful durable medical equipment company which offers medical items such as crutches, wheelchairs, bracing, commodes, CPM and cold therapy devices throughout Southern California.

In her years prior to SOS Medical and following graduation; Bress moved to New York City to work as a Production Manager with Pachamama Films. Soon thereafter, she found herself pursuing a career of acting and modeling in addition to her being crown Mrs. Bolivia International 2004. Eventually her acting career brought her to Los Angeles where she would experience yet another career change that would take on a more meaningful new direction.

In 2006, Bress began a career in the medical field with Team Surgical working as a Sales Representative in Surgical/Capital Equipment Division. She quickly ‘cut her teeth’ in the Medical Field and developed strong and lasting relationships with the Orthopedic Surgeons. That experience, coupled with her personal experiences, vast education, tenacious work ethic and the strong desire to succeed, only made her the ideal Managing Partner for Jeffrey VonderHaar and SOS Medical.

Elizabeth is also a Co-Founder of the non-profit organization Sending Out An SOS ( ). She is also on the Board of Directors of the non-profit organization Ayuda helping orphaned children in Latin America as well as a key supporter of Centro De Miembros Artificiales-Bolivia helping amputees get back on their feet.

It is relative to point out that Elizabeth was born with a congenital physical abnormality of her lower right leg. Subsequently, she had seven additional unsuccessful surgeries to correct the malformation that resulted in an amputation just below her right knee at the tender age of 11. What seems to be a deterrent for success or an obstacle in the pursuit of dreams has only fueled Elizabeth’s desire and need to assist others with similar predicaments.

In January of 2013, SOS Medical is proud to announce they opened the Prosthetics Division to help amputees experience a greater quality of life by acquiring the prosthetics and resources they so desperately need. Elizabeth has been the motivating factor and key initiative for the development of SOS Medical— Prosthetic Division.

Elizabeth knows her life was destined with a calling and that she was born UNIQUE. It’s because of her special challenges that she has embraced fully her mission and deep desire to help those in a similar situation. It is her firsthand understanding of the severe needs and discomforts others in similar circumstances experience that propels her to fulfill her calling through “Sending Out an SOS”.