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Johnny Guarachi Mamani

August 5, 2012

Name: Johnny Guarachi Mamani
Age: 23
Date of loss: 08/2011
Previous job (before accident): Truck driver helper
Job now: Going to School

2011 was a horrible year for Johnny Guarachi. In February of 2011, he fell off of the truck that he used to drive and was hit by another car. He was taken to a Hospital in the city of Potosi but since he did not have any money to pay them, the hospital ONLY cleaned the blood and bandaged his leg, causing him to develop gangrene.

Shortly afterJohnny decided to go to La Paz for treatment where they decided to amputate his leg below the knee; however, the infection kept spreading and they had to amputate above the knee. A volunteer that visited him at the hospital convinced him to visit  Rotary La Paz-Centro de Miembros Artificiales. Through their grandfather program, our non-profit organization “Sending out an SOS” has donated a new prosthetic leg above the knee. Johnny wants to find a job and start studying again so he can have a chance for a better life.