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Perez Rea Carmen

August 5, 2012

Name: Perez Rea Carmen
Age: 68
Date of loss: 11/2011
Previous job (before accident): Agriculture
Previous Prosthesis: No

Carmen works in the farms and fields of Bolivia.  Due to the lack of medical treatments and access to preventative care for her diabetes, Carmen’s doctors were compelled to amputate her leg after an infection started in one of her toes and spread to her knee. She was 68 years old when she lost her leg.

With the loss of her leg, Carmen was unable to work and fell into a deep depression. She felt that her entire life was over since she was unable to be productive and earn a living.

In February 2012, Carmen received a prosthetic leg and has promptly returned to work in the fields, happy to support herself and her family.