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Sending out an SOS helping the pooorest Bolivian amputees

April 12, 2014

Our Non Profit Organization is pridefully helping The Bolivian Center -Centro de Miembros Artificiales ‘Matthew Pepe’ in the Country of Bolivia by donating money to this non profit so they can continue their amazing work helping Bolivian amputees. “Centro de Miembros Artificiales” is a prosthesis center that provides new prosthetic devices to low-income Bolivian amputees. Their mission is to help these individuals to regain their dignity, self-respect and reintegrate back into society, regain employment and contribute to their family and society again by providing them with prosthesis to be able to walk.

The team of dedicated staff is comprised of Bolivian volunteers managing the center, Bolivian prosthetic technicians, , as well as other volunteer students and prosthetists from around the world all working together for free to make this oasis of hope a reality. This Center is also supported by the generous donations from organizations such as Sending Out an SOS as well as by the free use of prosthetic designs and technological advice provided by universities and other organizations in the USA.

Sending out an SOS wants to give special thanks to donors:

  • Thomas Nail
  • Allen Bragg
  • Jeff Oster
  • Kathleen Moss
  • Peter and Kathleen VonderHaar…
  • Jessica VonderHaar
  • Dianne Sehie
  • Cindy Boobish
  • Colleen Hazelton
  • Kathleen Tamme
  • Marilyn Green
  • Gary Ackermann
  • Thomas & Ellen Conley
  • and friends of USF Holland

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